High-end VR solutions

Wow your clients and customers with the best experience out there. Using a room-scale headset and tracked controllers, they’re free to explore, customize, and experience an unbuilt or remote property like never before. Stir their emotions when they step out on the balcony, visit a pristine amenity, or take in actual sunset footage from the property. The best option for your sales and leasing process, this dynamic adventure sells your vision by giving customers a unique experience.

Full-Scale 3D Walkthroughs

Allow your customers to skip the VR headset, but still experience the space in 3D. The sales agent or designer can lead multiple viewers through an interactive tour all at once. Large displays make this ideal for leasing and sales offices, conference rooms, and at events.

Branded Touchscreen Interfaces

A polished, easy to navigate menu to display visuals of the available property. Let clients engage with the integrated deliverables and relevant external media in a single packaged solution. Use this in leasing and sales centers to greet potential customers and jumpstart the sales conversation when your staff becomes available. Simple, professional.


Hardware Purchase, Lease, and Support

You don’t need to know everything about the technology to begin using VR. We sell, lease, and support what you need to start seeing the benefits, including the VR gear and a high powered PC. We’ll train your staff to use it in the office and at events for development or leasing efforts. We provide support throughout, answering questions, addressing concerns, and resolving any issues that may arise.


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